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Hong Kong officials face ferry disaster trial

The Maritime Executive has a new article titled “Hong Kong officials face ferry disaster trial” in which they report on the latest development regarding criminal prosecutions in Hong Kong related to the 2012 collision between the high speed ferry SEA SMOOTH and the recreational vessel LAMMA IV resulting in the deaths of 39 people, including 8 children, and 92 injured. So far, the captain of the SEA SMOOTH was sentenced to 8 years in jail and the captain of the LAMMA IV was sentenced to 9 months in prison. The article is at this link.

Safer Seas 2014

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has published their annual report, Safer Seas 2014. This report is a compilation of their marine casualty investigation reports for 2014 – which covers all types of vessels from fishing and towing vessels to tankers and tall ships.  The report can be found at this link.

Former cruise ship employee pleads guilty to sexually assaulting sleeping woman

A former cruise ship employee pled guilty to sexually assaulting a woman while she was asleep. The crewman was responsible for restocking the minibar in her room and used his key to obtain entry while she was sleeping.

Below is the story on this assault:

Former cruise ship employee pleads guilty to sexually assaulting sleeping woman |

USCG: Top Cruise Ship Deficiencies for 2014

The Coast Guard issued a list of the top cruise ship safety deficiencies that they found in 2014. They are:

  • Fire Screen Doors not Operating Properly (31 occurrences)
  • Impeding Means of Escape (26 occurrences)
  • Drills and Crew Training Issues (25 occurrences)
  • Problems with Lifeboats and Rescue Boats (21 occurrences)
  • Improper Utilization of Categorized Spaces (17 occurrences)
  • Problems with Fire Detection systems/Smoke Detection (13 occurrences)
  • Fire Suppression Systems (12 occurrences)
  • Issues with Pollution Prevention Equipment (9 occurrences)
  • Emergency Lighting Issues (7 occurrences)
  • Fuel and oil leaks (7 occurrences)

The complete summary of their findings is contained in this link.

Cruise ship returns to Port Everglades after 60 passengers, 11 crew members fall ill

The Holland America cruise ship MAASDAM returned to Port Everglades after 60 passengers and 11 crew members became ill (of a total of 1,139 passengers and 579 crew members). The ship was required to be disinfected before it left port.  This is the link to the press story of this incident.

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