Texas State Dental Board Complaints

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It was his opinion that the standard of care provided by Respondent was poor as the visible lesions should have been noticed and addressed, which would have led to a full examination and diagnosis of pyrexia and other findings.

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This Agreement will outline the proposed treatment and incorporate recommendations made by the evaluator.

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  • Respondent had no drug logs for any of the controlled substances in his clinic.
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  • Also, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon must be certified by the Board to perform aesthetic or cosmetic procedures.

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In any significant quality of care case, questions arise as to whether you should conduct your own expert review.
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  • The owner disputes the allegations of abuse and neglect.
  • He timely requested an extension to obtain his hours; the Board denied his request.
  • Allowed an unlicensed individual to diagnose and administer injections in his absence.
  • Respondent stated that dentists maintain adequate drug screenings for action against our members appointed her.
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