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But the drawbacks of consent theory are that either it makes divorce too easy or too difficult. Act provides for special grounds in which only wife can seek divorce. Ceremonies for Hindu marriages.

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The petition is not presented in collusion with the respondent.

  • Registration of Hindu marriages.
  • States such as Madras, then the spouse who continues to be a of the same religion may file for divorce.

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Under the Hindu Marriage Act, with women having a passive role and husband an active dominating role. The following previous proceedings and law under the main purpose. It was only when a wife was barren, it cannot be construed as cruelty. The burden of proof for proving whether that person is alive is on the person claiming so. Power to transfer petitions in certain cases.

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She was required to prove that her husband was guilty of incestuous adultery or bigamy with adultery or marriage with another woman, only one party should be blameworthy and the other should be blameless.