Community service – dockside examinations

Coast Guard marine safety personnel in Alaska performed  community outreach over a 3 week period beginning at the end of May.  During this period they conducted 412 dockside safety examinations of commercial fishing vessels and issued 354 compliance decals to vessels that passed the exam.

I have been very concerned about the number of commercial fishing vessels that may not have a compliance decal by the October 15, 2015 deadline.  This type of community outreach goes a long way to addressing that concern.

Any fishing vessel owner who would like to schedule a dockside exam can get the necessary information at the Coast Guard’s web site: Better yet – get all the boats in your harbor to schedule a period for the Coast Guard to conduct these exams at the same time!

If you would like to see what the requirements are for your particular type of commercial fishing vessel, the Coast Guard has created a checklist generator for you at this site: Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Checklist Generator

More information regarding the success of the Coast guard’s community outreach dockside exams can be found at this link.


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