Commercial fishing vessel MISS SHAUNA – in need of help AGAIN

The Coast Guard is providing assistance to the 51 foot commercial fishing vessel MISS SHAUNA which reported that they are taking on water through a hole in their engine room 130 miles East of Nantucket, MA. The Coast Guard deployed 2 aircraft and 2 cutters to provide assistance. The Coast Guard cutter OCEAN SENTRY provided a pump which helped to stabilize the MISS SHAUNA so they could make it back to New Bedford, MA. The Coast Guard is escorting the MISS SHAUNA back to port in case there are further problems.

According to Coast Guard records the MISS SHAUNA has had incidents in the past. These include:

  • In June 2006, the MISS SHAUNA lost its rudder in approximate position 40-47’N, 060-14’W. Vessel was towed into New Bedford for repairs by another fishing vessel. It was determined that the “rudder coupling was not properly welded (only tack welded in 2 places) from February when rudder was removed for shaft work.”
  • In May 2007, while engaged in scallop dredging the MISS SHAUNA’s running gear became fouled with line and netting resulting in MDE reduction gear failure. The vessel was towed to New Bedford, MA by another fishing vessel.
  • In Jun 2007, the MISS SHAUNA became disabled approximately 4 nm south of Buzzards Bay tower due to electrical problems with the generator and electrical steering system. The MISS SHAUNA was towed in by a tug.
  • In March 2009 the MISS SHAUNA reported loss of power and maneuverability due to generator failure while underway fishing in Hudson Canyon. Failure was caused by fuel injector problem. Vessel crew was able to make repairs to fuel problem with generator by cleaning fuel injectors, replacing fuel filters and then tested all to ensure they were satisfactory and fully functional.

This is the type of continual problems with a fishing vessel that the requirement for new fishing vessels to be built and maintained to class standards is trying to prevent.  The MISS SHAUNA is required to participate in an Alternate Compliance Safety program once the vessel reaches 25 years of age – in 2027.

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