Panamanian flag-of-convenience ship detained in Oregon for numerous safety violations

On Saturday, the Coast Guard detained the Panamanian-flag ship IKAS SUDIP in Astoria, OR after the ship lost power twice due to problems with it fuel systems. The Coast Guard prohibited the entry of the vessel into U.S. waters until repairs were made in order to protect the safety and environment of the U.S.  Once in port, the Coast Guard conducted a thorough safety examination of the 10 year old ship  and found numerous safety violations including –

  • A failure to use engineering procedures required by U.S. and international law, which guide the vessel’s crew through fuel management and vessel propulsion requirements.
  • a lack of crew familiarity with emergency rescue drills.
  • deficient structural fire boundary doors designed to prevent the spread of a fire and inoperable lifesaving equipment.
  • severe corrosion was found throughout the vessel’s machinery piping systems posing a significant threat to the vessel and crew.

Capt. Dan Travers, Coast Guard Sector Columbia River Commanding Officer said “Eliminating substandard vessels from U.S. waters is critical to ensuring our waterways are protected.  Only after the vessel crew corrects its deficient safety management system and critical vessel equipment will we allow it to return to commercial service.”

The Coast Guard’s press release on this incident is at this link.

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