Fishing Vessel Safety Manuals – safety begins with continuous training

In 2008, the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association began publishing the Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Digest.  It is an excellent explanation of U.S. fishing vessel safety regulations. In 2003, the Government of Canada began publishing the Small Fishing Vessel Safety Manual which covers a broader array of safety topics including the Rules-of-the-Road, an explanation and illustration of stability, workplace safety, weather, and what to do in various types of emergencies. U.S. fishermen should become intimately familiar with both of these publications. In fact, it would be even better for someone to publish a U.S. version of the Small Fishing Vessel Safety Manual that combines the information contained in both publications and includes the new fishing vessel safety requirements that will come into effect in the United States on October 15, 2015. It would not be difficult to turn this into an educational App for fishermen’s handheld devices.

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