USCG: Top Cruise Ship Deficiencies for 2014

The Coast Guard issued a list of the top cruise ship safety deficiencies that they found in 2014. They are:

  • Fire Screen Doors not Operating Properly (31 occurrences)
  • Impeding Means of Escape (26 occurrences)
  • Drills and Crew Training Issues (25 occurrences)
  • Problems with Lifeboats and Rescue Boats (21 occurrences)
  • Improper Utilization of Categorized Spaces (17 occurrences)
  • Problems with Fire Detection systems/Smoke Detection (13 occurrences)
  • Fire Suppression Systems (12 occurrences)
  • Issues with Pollution Prevention Equipment (9 occurrences)
  • Emergency Lighting Issues (7 occurrences)
  • Fuel and oil leaks (7 occurrences)

The complete summary of their findings is contained in this link.

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